Friday, February 2, 2007

Copyright or is it wrong?

Many people argue what copyright does and if it applies to something
that they are doing. Fact of the matter is that the majority of
infringe copyright laws on a daily basis whether they know it or not.
For example, have you ever watched the reality TV show "The Apprentice,"
well for those of you who do not know the phrase "You're Fired" has a
copyright (
In my eyes copyright on stuff like that is a little rediculous, how ever
media companies do have a legit 'beef'. There purpose of existance
basically relies on these laws. So argue that filesharing is killing
the media business, specifically the fact that if you know what you are
doing you can pretty much download anything you want music wise online.
Also what many people do not know is that "since 1999, CD prices have
risen 10%, while the price of DVD's has dropped 20% (Oberholzer-Gee,
Strumpf, The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales An Empirical
Analysis." Another hot topic when it comes to file sharing is the "Fair
Use" doctrine. This doctrine permits limited use of copyrighted works.
However the guidelines to this doctrine are not very clear, in reading
an article by a Kevin S. Brady. The article is entiled "Copyright FAQ:
25 Common Myths and Misconceptions," the author helps define some of the
misconceptions that many people have about P2P filesharing.

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Derek said...

Please take another look at the syllabus (on UBLearns) and comments at the class blog. This post does not meet the minimum standards for original argument, thoughtful analysis, proper citation style, or word count. I'm always happy to clarify or help if you have questions.